• Emma Marie

Why I Chose These Dishes

When it comes to your dishes, local is the way to go. Making a registry at a local retail store is a smart option for several reasons. You can read about why here. In a nutshell, you’re making an investment in quality and will likely receive outstanding customer service. I chose to register for our dishes at Keaton Place in my hometown and couldn't be happier with our experience! After chatting with some girlfriends, I think choosing your dish set can be difficult, though, so I've made a comprehensive list of exactly why I chose what I did.

I registered for Juliska dishes from Keaton Place. The brand is reputable and of good quality, so I was ALL IN. Keaton Place had show pieces in-store, so I could actually feel how heavy the dishes were and what kind of finish they had (Btw, they always have the latest catelog, too, if you're wanting to browse even more). I would 100% recommend Juliska to anyone hunting for solid dishes for the ages. I didn't want china but something that would last a good chunk of our marriage. How cute, right?!

I chose the Puro Whitewash pattern because of its timeless look. I’m a plain Jane girl when it comes to staple items like dishes, so I wanted something that I knew would never go out of style.

Just so you know, you typically don’t have to register for every type of dish in a set. If you just want dinner plates, then you can have just dinner plates. I tried to pay attention to what my mom always used and what I caught myself using the most at my parents’ house. I decided on dinner plates, salad plates, appetizer plates (which I also use as a dessert plate), and soup bowls. I initially registered for 8 of each, knowing I would need at least that many sets. Once the 8 were purchased, I decided to add 4 more sets of all the plates for a total of 12. I kept the bowls at 8 since we're not big soup people. Do what you want!

I also registered for standard casserole dishes, a 9x13 and a 9x9. I would recommend both sizes because most casserole recipes are for 9x13 size, but most cake and brownie mixes are now only for 8x8 or 9x9 sizes. I also registered for some circular casserole dishes with more funky designs to add a little pizzazz to our collection. In addition to our everyday dishes and casseroles, I was sure to put some serving dishes on our list, too.

Like I said before, you don’t have to register for every single item in a dish set. I decided to opt out of Juliska’s coffee mugs because I like collecting my own, but then I registered for the cutest plastic pitcher for lemonade or tea. Being quirky with this is okay. Through my mother’s finds and friend’s gifts, I’ve collected other pieces that we use regularly that are not a part of our dish set. My mom has gifted me with handmade pottery bowls that we use for icecream. Josh’s aunt gifted us with a set of 8 crystal plates that we use on special occasions for dessert. Don’t be afraid to mix in fun and sentimental pieces here and there for something different! They do no good sitting in a box collecting dust!

And while you're looking for your favorite dishes, also keep your eyes peeled for decorative pieces that you'll want to incorporate in your home! These kinds of items make a great addition to your wedding registry and a splendid sight on a dining room buffet!

Well, there you have it, folks. With all of this talk of dinnerware, I want to throw a pan of brownies in the oven!

Let me just add one more little point about choosing your dishes. You get what you pay for, and if you're making a wedding registry, this is a time in your life that others really want to spend extra on you. This is a time when you can really choose your favorite items and add them to your wishlist. Don't be afraid to do so! I always, always, always recommend Keaton Place for this type of thing. They're definitely my favorite!


Emma Marie