• Emma Marie

The Fashion Experiment

So it's 2019. Every decade since 1890 has had its own style except this one, and we've been in it for 9 years. It's time we address the issue.

Today, young and old folks alike are wearing whatever they want. From the return of the mini skirt to the rising of capris for men, it's as if Coachella has taken over the world as we know it...but maybe that's not a bad thing.

There has never been a better time for fashion experimentation. American culture is mixing up the status and including every decade's iconic looks into our almost-finished 2010s, so there's no standard! It's perfect! My challenge to you is to find your look, whatever that may be. If it's 90s grunge, then it's 90s grunge. If it's 70s disco, then, it's 70s disco. If it's 50s colored cuteness, then, by golly, it's 50s colored cuteness. If it's a mix of every decade plus a pop of big hair and sweatpants, then so be it. This is your decade, and it's almost over. We don't know what to expect in the 2020s, so now is the time.

I've included some photos for inspiration. Happy shopping!

Until next time,