• Emma Marie

My 2019 New Year's Goals

Making New Year's resolutions has been a tradition since ancient times. The start of a new year is the start of whatever else you want it to be. Wikipedia tells me that the top resolutions are weight loss/being healthier, improving mental health, improving finances, and improving careers/education. Isn't that sort of what we all want? We all want improved lives and to "get better" at what we're currently doing. Well, Wikipedia, I'm with you.

I like to reach goals instead of resolutions. It seems a bit more attainable that way. Regardless of the name, I feel like 2018 was a whirlwind. I was challenged with my education. I was challenged in bank work. I was challenged spiritually and emotionally. And many, many interests arose this year. For 2019, I'm hoping to keep experimenting with my interests but to also appreciate time more and develop healthy habits along the way. So, here we go:

In 2019, the last year of this decade, I want to...

+ Read my Bible more

+ Keep traveling my heart out

+ Read at least 10 books, fiction or non-fiction

+ Introduce folks to Rodan & Fields

+ Blog more

+ Exercise

+ Soak in the time I get with friends and family. I spend a lot of time with other folks every single day, but I feel like I'm just breezing through it. It's time I don't take all of that for granted.

+ Bless some people this year

I have a feeling most of you have these exact same goals. You want to be the better you, and so do I. These all seem awesome and totally attainable, but how the heck am I going to make them happen? With a plan, of course! "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." That's why New Year's resolutions never actually resolve...because plans are not made. Everything that leads to your goals, whether short term or long, needs to be measurable in some way. I'll show you in my own examples. Your steps also need to be reasonable. Don't make your first step be to lose 10 pounds. Make it to step into the gym once a week. Baby steps, my friends. Okay, here we go with my plans:

In 2019, my plans to achieve my goals are...

+ Sit down with my Bible 3 days per week for 15 minutes (then more per week, then per day)

+ Consider opportunities to travel through school and get out and hike! At least once in the spring.

+ Every month, pick out a new book to read and read it. If I can't find a good one, ask someone their recommendation and take it.

+ Still working on Rodan & Fields ;) If you're interested, please reach out! I would love to tell you ALL about it!

+ Write a blog post once every two weeks

+ Exercise in some way (ballet, running/walking, weights, etc.) once a week (then more per week)

+ Maybe try journaling about time spent with friends and family, or take pictures in the moment.

+ Encourage people who need encouragement! Just do it! Nike!

Okay, friends. There it is. My very lengthy itemized list and steps to accomplish each one. I hope you all make some goals of your own. Who cares if it's past January 1? Goals can be made at any time and should be! Either way you decide to do it, Happy New Year from Emma Marie. I wish you all the exciting things in the world!

Until next time,