• Emma Marie

How to do New York City in a Weekend

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

The city that never sleeps, the Big Apple, America's Melting Pot -- New York City. This is a trip that every American needs to take at least once. The best part about this trip is that it can be done over a long weekend and is totally doable! Let me show you my latest experience!

I traveled to NYC with the National Millennial Community (I'll tell you about that soon) in September, which is a lovely time to go. I have been once before over Thanksgiving weekend, which I think is the best time to go. In September, though, it still feels like summer with a subtle hint of fall in the air. Here are some must-sees that can be done in a short time frame.

Purchase a CityPass from CityPass.com and your entire trip can be organized from the start. I chose the C3 option, which allows you to pick 3 attractions, have just 1 ticket emailed to your phone without reservation times, and save money! CityPass is an on-the-go way of sightseeing. It's perfect because you can do everything you want without a jam-packed itinerary. I chose to see the Top of the Rock Observatory, 9/11 Memorial Museum, and Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island.


1. Ride the first ferry of the morning to Liberty Island. The times vary depending on season, but the earliest ride is likely the least crowded. And don't pass up Ellis Island! You may even be able to look up your ancestors!

2. Set aside at least 3 hours for the 9/11 Memorial Museum. You will want to look closely at each exhibit and spend time reading information. This museum is worth your time and will leave you speechlesss. Promise!

This is the city that never sleeps, after all, so why should you? At night, be sure to walk around Times Square and shop in all of your favorite stores. You'll be amazed how different they are here. When the stores start closing, make your way to the Top of the Rock Observatory, which is within walking distance and is truly breathtaking. The view is of the Empire State Building, making it a better sight than when in the Empire State. Enjoy the sight an hour before closing when the crowds are nonexistent and the noise is obsolete. You won't regret this timing decision.

Some things you can't miss that are FREE! Take a walk through Wall Street and see the Stock Exchange, the steps that Washington was inaugurated on, and much more. Do this around the time you go to the 9/11 Museum. St. Patrick's Cathedral is beautiful inside and out and is a nice pit-stop as you're trailing through Times Square. And don't forget to experience Central Park, the pricey stores on 5th Avenue, and Macy's!

What is NYC without food? Taste Buds Kitchen, near Times Square, is the perfect date night. They prepare everything and you cook it! How fun! If you're feeling adventurous and have any appreciation for genuine Italian cuisine, cross the Brooklyn Bridge to the Colandrea New Corner restaurant. It's a 10 minute walk from the subway, and the eggplant is well worth it! And you can't go all the way to the city without a sweet treat, so go grab a dozen of Dough Doughnuts' finest, including their hibiscus-flavored (bottom right). They're all delicious!

Let me be honest. There are many things I neglected to include here -- Broadway plays, Trump Tower, the Plaza Hotel, and NY Public Library to name a few. Each trip to the Big Apple is unique and can be completely adventurous or completely passive, but one thing's for sure...it will be fun. There's much to explore, and I can tell you that you won't be disappointed.

Safe Travels!

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